Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis)

Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis)

Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis)

The Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) are ripening. The birds and the bears love them (because I see them devouring the fruit). I thought these were regular raspberries, but after reviewing a few resources, it seems these are black raspberries. The small white flowers have give way to multiple drupelets while the thorns do their best to protect the berries. The fruit is tiny but tasty!

The black raspberry is also closely related to the red raspberries Rubus idaeus and Rubus strigosus, sharing the distinctively white underside of the leaves and fruit that readily detaches from the carpel, but differing in the ripe fruit being black, and in the stems being more prickly. The black fruit makes them look like blackberries, though this is only superficial, with the taste being unique and not like either the red raspberry or the blackberry.”


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